Friday, June 29, 2007


Now who would be dumb enough to steal the Wienermobile? How far would a car thief think he could get in a giant hotdog shaped vehicle whose license plate reads YUMMY and which plays the Oscar Meyer theme song as it drives along?

There are some dumb criminals out there, but it's hard to believe that any car thief would be that dumb. But the cop who stopped the Wienermobile as it drove through Arizona thought he'd hit the dumb criminal jackpot.

I'd really like to know more about this cop, the one that that ran the Wienermobile's plates. How bored was he? He had nothing else to do but check out a suspicious hot-dog car? I know the stretch of I-10 where the Wienermobile was nabbed very well. The average speed is 95 mph and, that close to the Border, you see some pretty questionable vehicles. Surely the Wienermobile was probably the least suspicious thing on the road that day.

Add to the hilarity the fact that the Wisconsin police had accidentally logged the Wiener's plates as stolen--oops. The cops thought they had made the arrest of the century and would surely be rewarded by a grateful Oscar Meyer with free tubesteaks for the rest of their lives. The rubbernecker whizzing by the traffic stop at 95 mph were probably thinking, boy I'm glad I'm not an Oscar Meyer Wiener. And our poor sausage: I'll bet he had a hot minute or two while he was being grilled by DPS...

(Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Anyway, mistake was cleared up, and the Wiener was released to continue spreading heart-stopping porky goodness across the country, sorry for the trouble, sir, enjoy your stay in Arizona and drive safely.

Happy ending, yay!

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