Friday, April 13, 2007

House on the Rock.

Clearly, the man who built the House on the Rock, in Spring Green, WI, was crazy.

Crazy like a fox, or just plain crazy, I dunno. Perhaps a bit of both. He certainly had the collector's mania: a finer assemblage of spittoons, dolls, clocks, dentistry paraphernalia and carousel horses, (among others,) can be found no where else.

Not to mention the three story high diorama of a sea monster and a sperm whale locked in endless compact.

Or the three story doll carousel.

Or the red and gold Chinese temple that is also a life-size automatic music box.

Or the Infinity Bridge, which hangs out over an extremely deep gorge, nothing between you and infinity, other than a very narrow floor.

Or the life-size topless angels, or the red shag bachelor pad built into a giant rock...or...or...

I could go on forever trying to list all the fantastic aspects of this roadside attraction, but no matter how many superlatives, adverbs, gerunds, and adjectives I used, I would never ever even remotely be accurately describing the wild wonder of the House on the Rock.

You truly do gotta see it to believe it.

I suggest you do.


John Klima said...

So what brings you to WI? You're almost next door (Bettendorf, IA)! If you were in that area a few months from now, you could partake in American Players Theater, one of the best outdoor Shakespeare companies in the country.

John Klima said...

Oh! I wanted to also say that when I went to House on the Rock a few years ago, I had a similar reaction to yours. We took TONS of photos, and none of them captured the sheer madness (or wonder) of the place.

John Klima

Erin said...

My parents took me there when I was quite young. I mostly remember that we walked all day, saw much-o cool stuff, but had to leave before we'd seen half. :)

Brian Lindenmuth said...

Have you read American Gods by Neil Gaiman? Its featured in the book

Ysabeau Wilce said...

I have read American Gods. Good book, but it doesn't quite do the House on the Rock justice--but then the problem is NOTHING does the House on the Rock justice. I think it truly is indescribable. However, Sieur Gaiman made a very valiant attempt.