Thursday, March 15, 2007

Special Guest Star: Paul Witcover

Later today, I'm sloughing off this Porky coil and jetting off to the Coast for some R&R. In my absence, the ever accommodating Paul Witcover will be our special guest star.

In addition to being a dear friend, Paul is also an excellent writer whose oeuvre includes Waking Beauty, Tumbling After, Dracula: Asylum, and a forthcoming volume of short stories, alas, name and publisher I have forgot. Sieur Witcover also writes reviews for Realms of Fantasy, and, with Elizabeth Hand, co-authored the "gonzo-feminist" comic Anima. And he edits. And he sometimes curates reading series. And he plays golf. And he drinks cocktails. He's a man of many talents.

Additionally, Sieur Witcover is witty, debonair, clever, and has been known to wear a fedora. What more introduction do you need? You'll be in good hands. Or capable hands. Well, let's just say, you'll be in hands. What kind of hands, we shall see, we shall see. (Cue maniacal laughter.)

Anyway, I'm sure Sieur Witcover shall keep you amused.

I'll still be checking in occasionally, lording it over everybody that I am in California and most of you are not; describing in great detail all the cocktails I am drinking, and how bright the sun, and blue the Bay, and generally rubbing it in. You can always count on a gloat.

So, handing over the mic to Sieur Witcover, and let's hear a big round of applause!

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